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Oakley isn’t the only brand making sport-specific shades, though. Brands like REI, Nike, and Wiley-X offer similar technology. Fake Oakleys Sale.Whether you’re a skier, golfer, runner, or biker, there’s a unique lens that will help you see more detail, depth, and definition. Read on for highlights from Oakley’s latest line of sport-specific sunglasses and goggles.Opt for the red-tinted road lenses if you’re running or road biking this summer. The Oakley Prizm Road lenses will improve your vision in both bright light and shadows. Traffic lights, yellow lines, and imperfections on the road will become more vibrant and distinguished.Oakleys Outlet.


Snow environments are dominated by white and lack any particular color. Oakley Outlet.Oakley’s Prizm Inferno Line Miner Snow Goggle accentuates cyan and reds, enhancing contrast in the snow. That means no more surprise bumps or sudden sunlight blindness while shredding downhill.If Intel and Oakley get their way, soon you might be talking to your sunglasses, and they’ll talk back. Packed with Intel technology, Oakley’s newest eyewear called Radar Pace interacts with runners and cyclists using voice recognition, and aims to provide them with coaching feedback while they train.You can further specialize your lens selection based on the conditions of a particular day.Oakley Sunglasses Sale. Think of it as a defroster for your face.The choice to go for an audio-only system, rather than including a Google Glass-like heads up display, was partly to maximize battery life and partly to save weight. For overcast days, Oakley makes rose-tinted goggles that make it easier for you to distinguish the grey sky from the white snow while you’re standing at the top of the mountain.Cheap Oakleys.For super sunny days, the Prizm Black Iridium will allow you to see shadows and rollovers on the slopes, and protect your eyes from blinding sunlight.

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These goggles have another cool feature: You can combat fog with a push of a button.Oakleys On Sale. When your goggles begin to fog, simply press a button on the side of the goggles and uniformed heating will activate across the lens, causing the fog to evaporate. The power lasts for six hours, which allows for it to be used on most longer distance training runs or rides, and the frame weighs in at 56 grams, which may feel a little heavier than a non-smart pair of sunglasses, but is not uncomfortable.Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses. Visual displays, either in a pair of glasses or on a watch, also typically require a user to look elsewhere to read numbers, distracting them from the road ahead.


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Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses Replica.Spring and Summer are well on their way, which means that its time to prepare, not only for style, but for protection. Today we get a look at the new Eric Koston x Oakley “ONE OBSESSION” Campaign, which gives us a look at Eric’s talents and Oakley’s shades.The new campaign encourages fans to join over 450 Oakley athletes in sharing and celebrating their obsession around the world. Mr. Kosten speaks on his obsessions opening up about skateboarding and so much more along the way. Oakley is no stranger to the world of sunglasses, and are rocking some bold new looks for the coming months.Oakleys Replica Outlet.The good folks over at Oakley are back in the news feed today. However this time around for a bit of a different reason. While they are usually offering up some of the dopest shades on the planet, coming with all sorts of unique designs along the way, they return today with some special news for the world, and the fans. Today the word comes down that Oakley has collaborated with ESPN on a documentary-style version of its acclaimed new movie, Snowboarding: For Me, which is set to air on ABC’s World of X Games on Sunday, November 23rd at 1:00 PM PST.The film brings the Oakley Snowboarding story to life through the perspectives and experiences of the athletes. Their moving testimonials coupled with archival and never-before-seen action footage convey a unique position on the past, present and future of the sport that is both inspirational and thought provoking. Using state of the art equipment, the film is a beautiful look into the world of Oakley Snowboarding!Cheap Oakleys.


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